Saturday, 21 May 2011

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Pokemon Black/White is the eighteenth release by Gamefreak, and in my opinion it seems to be the best one that I have played so far. One of the reasons why is listed below, however. Just like every single Pokemon game always has the same formula.

Basically, You play as a ten-year old kid who doesn't seem to have a dad. You acquire a fire/grass/water starter Pokemon from a Professor who happens to live in your start off town. You also journey from town to city destroying everyone who gets in your path collecting money aswell as collecting the eight-badges. Oh, let's not forget the evil group of people who threaten to take over the World by poaching Pokemon. Most of you guys will be going "Oh my god, not again!" but finally, Gamefreak decided to actually make the game.. enjoyable instead of making the last ones not as interesting as they should've been. For example, the evil group in Diamond/Pearl disapated after the fifth gym, you hardly ever seen them after that point. Sound familiar? Yeah, thought so.

Now, the villians in this game aren't stupid. They aren't retarded and they aren't spastics this time around. They are a group of evil-trainers called Team Plasma, and in this instalment they serve a purpose to the game and if I remember correctly from the very beginning Team Plasma and a group of Sages kickstart the story. Instead of hiding in some Warehouse for you to collect a key, or to smash their heads in, they constantly show up in every town causing some mischief. Whether it be poaching Pokemon, wreaking havoc in the streets. And instead of having a stupid concept, they actually.. Wait, nevermind!

In Black/White they've ramped up the battle time, and in turn have added two new battle/fighting styles, Triple Battle and Rotation Battles. However, if I remember correctly Black focuses more on Triple Battles and White focuses more on Rotation battles, but they are both in each game, so don't be afraid of missing out! Within the Triple-Battle you can combine moves with your partner to do extra damage.

As you can tell, the graphics engine from the other-instalments has been improved drastically, however, the camera- has been shifted down a tad so you can see the 3D implements in the game.

There are no familiar faces for the first 35-40 hours of the main-story line. You know what that means right! No Geodude or them annoying Zubats to hassle you when walking through them caves, however there is an abundance of Roggenrolla that try to stop you from exiting the cave. /sigh.. But, that feeling when a new Pokemon shows up everytime you walk into a different patch of grass just makes you smile, but after a while you think to yourself. These Pokemon truly do suck.

There are Ice-Cream Pokemon, like.. they are basically styled like Ice-Cream dishes. The starter Pokemon are okay, but then there are some downright mistakes that shouldn't have been placed in this game. The Pokemon do stay with you, they walk with you and.. by the end of the game, the really cool and awesome looking Pokemon do come out and you start thinking, the best is for last, heh.

One downside is that you can't catch any old-world Pokemon, you have to transfer them across just like other games, or... you can use some of the "Special Features" that it has to offer.

Oh, I forgot to mention the C-Gear. The bottom screen of your DS/3DS is the constant menu for multiplayer, allowing you to jump into a trade or a battle almost instantly. Instead of running to a Pokemon Center where you are in the middle of no-where. They finally removed that obstacle and the ability to trade Pokemon that aren't in your party is something the game should have had years ago.

Sorry for the long review, it's a really good game. I hope you some how manage to check it out, by an emulator or by purchasing it from your local major-retailer for around $50-$65 AUD depending on where you shop at, thanks once again for supporting my reviews! Unityx.

Friday, 20 May 2011

We're Right On The Brink

Brink is a first-person shooter game which was developed by Splash Damage, which is a fairly new gaming company. The game was designed for PC, Playstation 3 and also Xbox360. A new release in 2011, Brink is a very, very different game as it is a first-person shooter with a parkour theme attached to it.

The plot to Brink shows of an experimental community at sea. However, the Earth’s water level begins to rise, and refugees begin to arrive in massive groups and begin to set up a make-shift community around the Ark. Once the refugees stop arriving, they begin to suggest a heart-felt end for human-life on land. A Civil War breaks out between the Resistance: The Refugees, and then you have the Security trying to protect the Ark from destruction.

As you can tell from above, Brink has two factions within the game, Resistance and Security, and they battle within the utopian city called the Ark, which is classed as a floating city, if you can call it that. Brink has four character classes attached to the two factions: Engineer, Medic, Operative and Soldiers.

Soldiers supply team-mates with weapons and explosives to destroy particular targets. Engineers enhance team-mates weapons and also builds stationary targets to help aid you. Medics heal wounded team-mates and also enhances their health. Operatives interrogates wounded enemies to gather information about the location of the enemies, and can even decept an enemy by cloaking into an exact replica.

Players earn experience points which are gathered once you complete objectives, they can be earned in Single Player and also Co-Op through Multi Player. The experience points are an exchange for character customization aswell as acquiring upgrades. As you progress through any game, as stated in my other reviews, the game does get harder, and throws in additional challenges to distract you from completing the specific objective.

However, you gain access to the Objective Wheel whichs shows you what objectives you do have, and how you have to do them. That said, there are also secondary objectives and have a particular time limit in which that they can be completed attached to them.

This is one of the very few games that I haven't played at the moment, and that said I will be buying it soon as it seems like a fun game to play, completely different from any other First-Person Shooter.

Once again, thanks for the support. Unityx.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Get Off My Lawn!

*Hears a Zombie noise in the not-so distant background and runs and screams like a little girl* Oh, shit. Didn't want you to see that! Anyway! Plants Vs. Zombies is a single-player linear game that takes place on your front lawn. And as the title insists, you obviously have to fight off the invading Zombies with, yep. You guessed it. Plants.

Released in 2009 by PopCap Games, Plants Vs Zombies has become a very major hit to gamers, as it is available on the Xbox Live Arcade, PC, iPhones and also the Android Systems. Oh, let's not forget the NintendoDS version.

As you progress through Plants Vs. Zombies you unlock extra plants, or fungi to plant on the ground to slowly kill off the incoming waves of Zombies that will infiltrate your house. And to activate the plants you must acquire Sun-Power which occasionally gets drained from the Sun, and also acquired from Sunflowers. Like many linear- games the game gets progressively harder as you gradually complete the game. The Zombies get additional armour and abilities which basically own the living daylights out of your plants. Be weary though, you can only use up to seven abilities on your bar, so choose wisely. The basic gameplay goes as followed:

Red Circle, is your Solar/Sun Power. You use this to be able to use the certain abilities shown on the corresponding bar.
Grey Circle, is the Zombies. You must kill these otherwise they will eat your brains and take over your house.
Brown Circle, is a Potato Mine, you use this from Solar/Sun Energy. It is an ability.
Blue Circle, is the Sunflower, this is an alternative resource to gather Solar/Sun Energy, you must plant these to... plant more plants? XD
Last but not least, the Pink Circle. This is a last resort, the lawnmower destroys any Zombies on the patch of grass that the Zombies are travelling on, however, if they get through when there isn't a lawnmower in place, you instantly lose.

This game has a multi-player mode, which is Co-Op. I haven't exactly played Co-Op as I have no friends :< However, besides that! It's a really, really enjoyable game which has a really, really great replay value. You can purchase it off of Steam at: for $10.00 AUD, or from PopCap itself.

Thanks for another review, please comment below on your recommendations and personal opinions for more reviews to come up throughout the week, thanks! Unityx!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

You're a Wizard Harry!

Indeed I am Hagrid! This brings us to our second review for the week!
Magicka is a third-person adventure game that has taken inspiration from Warcraft, War-Hammer and also Diablo, with a bit of comedy thrown into it, makes it a really fun game to play!

Magicka was created by Paradox Interactive and was thrown into the deep-end in 2011 as an RPG/Adventure game which stunned critics at the praise that it has recieved, that said it has already released an expansion called; Magicka - Vietnam.

The plot of the game is about a tale of 4 mages of a "Sacred Order" that are seeking revenge against an evil sorcerer and his allies. Pretty basic, yeah. What's weird is after a level you end up with a M60 and then you think to yourself, is this really happening? Well. Yeah it is.

The campaign to Magicka consists of 13 levels which slowly become filled with turmoil as the "Evil Sorcerer" wreaks havoc whenever he can. The character that you play, or up to four characters in co-operative mode has a Magical Staff that makes your spells consume no mana, which means you don't have to worry about not casting a spell. As you progress further into the game, you unlock extra spells which aid you in your quest to kill the Evil Sorcerer, one includes sprinting, healing, shielding yourself. And alot more.

As many spells go, each has their strengths and their weaknesses. The basics which carry through many games consist of Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water. Etc. Etc. You can chain-combo abilities for extra damage as there is over 3000 spells that can be casted within the game, each doing different abilities and damage.

In order to move your character, you hold down your mouse and move it in the direction that you are facing in.

To cast spells, you push QWERASDF, each has it's own unique spell type, you can cast a variety of spells and have it's own unique effect.

Magicka is available on Steam for $10.00 and.. I don't think you can purchase it anywhere else. It's a great game that has good multiplayer and replay value.

Thanks once again! Unityx.

The Cake is a Lie.

Since I have basically being emailed constantly to do a Portal review, I'll try my best in order to review it as accurately as possible. I haven't played Portal 2, but apparently the original Portal is alot better than Portal 2. But anyway, time to review it!

Portal is a first-person logic/puzzle game that is made by the company Valve, yes. It's another Steam Game, since most games run off Steam now. I'll hopefully find a game that ISN'T on Steam for all you Linux users! However, the game is on PC, Xbox and also Playstation 3, which was introduced with the "Orange Box".

The plot of the game starts off when you have woken up in a chamber and you have to complete numerous objectives to escape the chamber, and to do this you have to use your logic and your Portal Gun. You will go through an enduring 19 Test-Chambers in order to "escape." And as you complete these chambers, GLaDOS (The Robot who screens the Voice-Messages as you progress through the levels) introduces new skills to you, which aid you through the chambers, each level incorporates an additional ability, or thereforth.

Now, despite being extremely short in length, the game itself has additional features such as additional challenges, speed clears and also advanced chambers, each with different mechanics bound to the chamber. Below is the basic gameplay which is used for Portal.
Left/Right Click - Produces a Portal in which you can jump through in order to get where the other Portal that you used, you can travel back through it if you haven't touched the original portal.
WASD - Makes you move your character, just like many games that are First-Person.
E - Picks up an object, such as a block, which is used to activate switches throughout the game.
Space - Jump!

There is not exactly much more to go on through the game as I don't want to spoil it.

As I said above, it's a very short game, but it has an extremely good replay value attached to it. This game is also available on Steam for $9.99, or at your local Gaming-Store. (EB Games, etc) and is usually priced at around $20 if you buy it from retail.

It is worth buying for the cost, as quality > quantity goes. It's highly in the quality region.

Once again, peace. Unityx!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Super Meat Boy!

Super Meat Boy is a single-player arcade game that is kind of like Super Mario Brothers back on the Super Nintendo (Yes, Nostalgia). It has the same principles to the game, to save the Princess. Except this isn't a Princess, it's Bandage Girl! And it is Super Meat Boys' job to save her from the evil mastermind of Doctor Fetus. And to do that you must guide Super Meat Boy through numerous challenges to save the Princess! But as you save her, Doctor Fetus always finds a way to steal Bandage Girl and run off to a new scenario each time you complete a challenge.  Oh my god, more nostalgia!

Just like many arcade games, you unlock new characters each time you complete something, such as completing a Nether-World, which is challenging in some kind of way. Another way to unlock characters is to collect Bandages from Worlds, please note. There isn't a bandage on every single level, so don't go scavenging every level for Bandages unless you can simply spot one. The character unlock basis goes per 10 Bandages and in doing-so contains characters from other games, for example- The Head-Crab from Half-Life 2 and the Minecraft NPC from, yes. You guessed it, Minecraft.

Now, the game isn't in first person, it pans just like the original Super Mario Brothers. Ie. Horizontally, the graphics are quick decent, that said. It's the continuous challenges that make you come back to play each time. This game makes use of the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows very useful, such as the Analog Stick to move your character, A to jump, etc. etc. You can also use the keyboard as it works just as well. You can also customize your settings in the menu to change them to your liking.

Below is a screenshot, and I'll be going through the basics of the game.

The Green Circle, is your character. This is your character. You control him with either the Left/Right arrows on your keyboard, or using the Xbox Gamepad.
(Left Stick) Left and Right Arrow – Runs in the direction that is chosen.
(B) Shift – Makes your character run faster, aka. Sprinting.
(A) Space – Makes your character Jump, hold it down to jump higher, etc.
(Start) Escape – Menu.
The Orange Circle is the timer, the shorter, the better. You get graded if you beat the level within a certain time. You don’t get any bonuses, it just makes you “complete” the game in a sense.
The Yellow Circle is Bandage Girl. You must save her at all costs, avoiding anything that gets in your way!
The Black Square is an object that CAN kill you, these include; Blades, Salt or Water. These kill you and yeah, you start from the start of the level if you die.

Like Super Mario Brothers, there is an end-boss at the end of the level once you have completed a majority of the levels that are available in that level, if I remember correctly, it’s 17/21. Once you have killed the boss, you unlock a Dark-World, which basically is the same level, with an increased difficulty added to it. There are 7 different zones in this explosive game, all ranging in various obstacles that you must avoid in order to save Bandage Girl, escaping evil masterminds  through 300 levels. There is also a Level Editor that is included to spice things up, and with many, many platformers there is unlocked secrets and achievements that are available to grab!

This game is a blast to enjoy and is suitable to all ages within the 13+ range as there is minor blood that happens to occur when you die. I’d strongly advise you to go and buy this game from: as it is only $14.99 USD, which is around $13.00 AUD.

Thanks once again, peace.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Games? Games.

I've been playing Audiosurf lately and it's really, really addicting. Basically, you play as a Rocketship collecting numerous coloured blocks in order to increase your score, it's kind of like Guitar Hero/Rock Band but without the Guitar, if you catch my drift. The blocks go by beats as the song adjusts the beats to create the blocks, and it is your job to collect as many Coloured Blocks as you can without collecting any Uncoloured Blocks.

Gameplay of AudioSurf

How do I play this game? You control the Rocketship, which is currently portrayed in the middle of the screen, you can choose various Rocketships besides this one, as they are all unique and have different mechanics bound to that Rocket.

In order to move to the rocket, you can either use the A and D keys, the Left and Right Arrow Keys or you can move the Rocketship by moving your mouse in the corresponding direction.

You can upload your scores at the end of the song to compare with other players from around the globe.

As the screenshot I have posted above, it contains most of the basics contained in the GUI (Gamer-User Interface).
  • The WhiteCircle at the top of the screenshot contains your score, which is used to calculate all your points/bonuses at the end of the song.
  • The Red Circle contains the medals, this is usually a guide to see how well you are progressing into the song. (Don't worry if you get a lot of Bronze Medals when you start playing it, I sure got a fair few!)
  • The Pink circle contains the Coloured Blocks which give you points, the more blocks you connect in a chain (combo) the more points you will get at the end when the chain disappears.
  •  The Orange circle contains the Gray Blocks, or the Uncoloured Blocks, this destroys your points tally, as you stop accumilating points if you touch one, let's just say, for example. You get points on a ratio of; 1-3-5-7-9, if you hit a coloured block it wrecks the chain and places you back to 0. You must avoid these at all costs, otherwise.. yeah, you'll understand!
  • Last but not least, the Green circle, this contains the Tempo/Tracks your progress of the song. If you are going uphill, the song is relatively slow, however. If you start going down the slope, the song gets progressively faster.
This game is relatively cheap, and is available for purchase at either; or on the Steam Website,  The price is only $10 and is a game that has great replay value!

I hope you enjoy, peace.