Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Games? Games.

I've been playing Audiosurf lately and it's really, really addicting. Basically, you play as a Rocketship collecting numerous coloured blocks in order to increase your score, it's kind of like Guitar Hero/Rock Band but without the Guitar, if you catch my drift. The blocks go by beats as the song adjusts the beats to create the blocks, and it is your job to collect as many Coloured Blocks as you can without collecting any Uncoloured Blocks.

Gameplay of AudioSurf

How do I play this game? You control the Rocketship, which is currently portrayed in the middle of the screen, you can choose various Rocketships besides this one, as they are all unique and have different mechanics bound to that Rocket.

In order to move to the rocket, you can either use the A and D keys, the Left and Right Arrow Keys or you can move the Rocketship by moving your mouse in the corresponding direction.

You can upload your scores at the end of the song to compare with other players from around the globe.

As the screenshot I have posted above, it contains most of the basics contained in the GUI (Gamer-User Interface).
  • The WhiteCircle at the top of the screenshot contains your score, which is used to calculate all your points/bonuses at the end of the song.
  • The Red Circle contains the medals, this is usually a guide to see how well you are progressing into the song. (Don't worry if you get a lot of Bronze Medals when you start playing it, I sure got a fair few!)
  • The Pink circle contains the Coloured Blocks which give you points, the more blocks you connect in a chain (combo) the more points you will get at the end when the chain disappears.
  •  The Orange circle contains the Gray Blocks, or the Uncoloured Blocks, this destroys your points tally, as you stop accumilating points if you touch one, let's just say, for example. You get points on a ratio of; 1-3-5-7-9, if you hit a coloured block it wrecks the chain and places you back to 0. You must avoid these at all costs, otherwise.. yeah, you'll understand!
  • Last but not least, the Green circle, this contains the Tempo/Tracks your progress of the song. If you are going uphill, the song is relatively slow, however. If you start going down the slope, the song gets progressively faster.
This game is relatively cheap, and is available for purchase at either; www.audio-surf.com or on the Steam Website, http://store.steampowered.com/app/12900  The price is only $10 and is a game that has great replay value!

I hope you enjoy, peace.