Saturday, 14 May 2011

Super Meat Boy!

Super Meat Boy is a single-player arcade game that is kind of like Super Mario Brothers back on the Super Nintendo (Yes, Nostalgia). It has the same principles to the game, to save the Princess. Except this isn't a Princess, it's Bandage Girl! And it is Super Meat Boys' job to save her from the evil mastermind of Doctor Fetus. And to do that you must guide Super Meat Boy through numerous challenges to save the Princess! But as you save her, Doctor Fetus always finds a way to steal Bandage Girl and run off to a new scenario each time you complete a challenge.  Oh my god, more nostalgia!

Just like many arcade games, you unlock new characters each time you complete something, such as completing a Nether-World, which is challenging in some kind of way. Another way to unlock characters is to collect Bandages from Worlds, please note. There isn't a bandage on every single level, so don't go scavenging every level for Bandages unless you can simply spot one. The character unlock basis goes per 10 Bandages and in doing-so contains characters from other games, for example- The Head-Crab from Half-Life 2 and the Minecraft NPC from, yes. You guessed it, Minecraft.

Now, the game isn't in first person, it pans just like the original Super Mario Brothers. Ie. Horizontally, the graphics are quick decent, that said. It's the continuous challenges that make you come back to play each time. This game makes use of the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows very useful, such as the Analog Stick to move your character, A to jump, etc. etc. You can also use the keyboard as it works just as well. You can also customize your settings in the menu to change them to your liking.

Below is a screenshot, and I'll be going through the basics of the game.

The Green Circle, is your character. This is your character. You control him with either the Left/Right arrows on your keyboard, or using the Xbox Gamepad.
(Left Stick) Left and Right Arrow – Runs in the direction that is chosen.
(B) Shift – Makes your character run faster, aka. Sprinting.
(A) Space – Makes your character Jump, hold it down to jump higher, etc.
(Start) Escape – Menu.
The Orange Circle is the timer, the shorter, the better. You get graded if you beat the level within a certain time. You don’t get any bonuses, it just makes you “complete” the game in a sense.
The Yellow Circle is Bandage Girl. You must save her at all costs, avoiding anything that gets in your way!
The Black Square is an object that CAN kill you, these include; Blades, Salt or Water. These kill you and yeah, you start from the start of the level if you die.

Like Super Mario Brothers, there is an end-boss at the end of the level once you have completed a majority of the levels that are available in that level, if I remember correctly, it’s 17/21. Once you have killed the boss, you unlock a Dark-World, which basically is the same level, with an increased difficulty added to it. There are 7 different zones in this explosive game, all ranging in various obstacles that you must avoid in order to save Bandage Girl, escaping evil masterminds  through 300 levels. There is also a Level Editor that is included to spice things up, and with many, many platformers there is unlocked secrets and achievements that are available to grab!

This game is a blast to enjoy and is suitable to all ages within the 13+ range as there is minor blood that happens to occur when you die. I’d strongly advise you to go and buy this game from: as it is only $14.99 USD, which is around $13.00 AUD.

Thanks once again, peace.



  1. I'll have to try out this game. and I like the style of your blog. Very neat.

  2. Seems like something I would have losed back in the day.

  3. You had me until steam. Can't use steam on linux.

  4. Looks awesome!

  5. Thanks for the feedback! More reviews coming soon :)

  6. its the best game ever

  7. (congrats on your blog, the articles are okay! you need to keep writing!!!)

    I like this game but it could use more clouds.

    Super meat boy is so addicting.
    I play it using those arcade fight sticks so it has that awesome arcade feel. LoL

  9. lol this game just looks weird xD