Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Why are you RUSHing for?

It's been a while. Yes. Indeed it has. So much drama has been going on so I haven't exactly had enough time to compose a review! ><

So, I basically had a few spare dollars and decided to try out RUSH, which is a Logic/Puzzler single-player game which is available on the Steam network for $4.99 USD.

Created by Two Tribes, as stated above. RUSH is a Logic/Puzzler game in which the aim is to guide your block to goal, however there is a few conditions in which the block can reach that end goal. You must use objects in which you can guide the block. Such as: Stop/Starting. Escalators and also Direction Blocks (This is all I've got up to at the moment) and another thing, is that the block goes right if it hits a wall. So incorporate this into it, and you have a good game. The first few levels might seem easy, but the further you get into the game, the harder it gets.

Above is the basic game-interface.

The Brown Circle is the spawn point, you may find numerous of these on a single level, as you need to use your logic to guide each block to the exit.
The Yellow Circles are the objects that you place on the level by clicking in the desired location., use scroll to change it if there are numerous objects to place on the ground.
The Grey Circle is the Goal, the Block MUST reach here in order to complete the level, just as the brown circle incorporates, there are numerous spawn points, therefore meaning more goals.
The Purple Circle
is the Block, it moves automatically for you, so.. yeah. Pretty self-explanatory, click it. And it goes through the course that you plotted.

I only bought this game as I had a few dollars spare, and it has proved to be a de
cent buy. I haven't completed the game at the moment so I couldn't tell whether or not it has great replay value, however at the moment. The game has proved it's worth. If you have nothing else to do, and would like to find something to do, this is a great game to put your mind to. If you want to purchase it, you can buy it from: for $4.99.

Sorry for the delay in reviews, Unityx.


  1. Ahhh It looks pretty cool, might try it out.

  2. Eh, not really into puzzle games.

  3. I might have to give rush a try. looks pretty interesting. thanks for sharing

  4. Oh this looks really neat, love this kind of style

  5. haaaaa i see what you did thar =D

  6. Looks fun. I'll check it out!

  7. $5 on Steam

    Might buy it soon

  8. Looks cool, think I'll check it out.

  9. lookes kinda funny

  10. hmm been looking for a decent puzzle type game. might have to give this a try.